Human-Centered Strategist   |   Caretaker   |   Mixed Reality Forecaster   |   Specialist of Appearances
Experience Manipulator of Things on Paper   |   Master for Variable Concepting   |   Planner for Niceties
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UI/UX Design, Art Direction
native / anytime*

CODE Pilots — St. Petersburg, Russian Federation

Apps Group — Yekaterinburg / Dnipro, Ukraine

temporary / part-time

SYNAPS Labs — St. Petersburg / Boston, USA

YouX — Nova Scotia, Canada

GORA Studio — St. Petersburg


NACHALO (Super Easy Digital) — St. Petersburg |2016-17|

Leto Agency (HUMANZ)— Moscow |2016|

Yandex.Start (Tolstoy Startup Camp) — Moscow |2015|

*You can surely work with me by coming with your product or idea to these studios
Architecture & design of mobile apps, websites, complex architectural environments, flexible multifunctional platforms for communicative interaction (social networks, metaverse), aggregator platforms, limited CRM systems, administrative panels & dashboards

- both as a part of the development team and independently (from scratch to the implementation stage)
- in social, cultural, eCommerce, B2B & startup segments

Analytics, research & prototyping, elaboration of the logic of human interaction and the future product

Visual support of brands & products, brand-positioning, design of materials within the framework of the brand concept (analytical reports, presentations & other staff)
The photo above was taken at Lumiere Hall(Oct 2020). Unfortunately I don't know who is the author of this installation..